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DIAMOND line with Diamond inside!

Provide multiple benefits.
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Melanated Skin

Gemology Cosmetics is introducing a new line " White Pearl Skin Care ".  A 3 step product line for a global whitening action with proven results and a guaranteed efficiency.

White Pearl


Essentials "Must Have"

We customize the beauty sets with Make-up remover Bijou Nacré, Lotion Quartz Rose,  Scrub Perle de Tendresse, Lip Balm, and 2 creams for your type of skin.

Travel bag


Discovery Diamond Gift Box

Treat yourself or someone to a precious skincare treatment containing diamonds with the Gemology gift box. Flawless skin in three simple steps.

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Since Chrystelle Lannoy always had a lifelong passion for cosmetics, as well as Precious and Semi-precious Gemstones. Now, with her skincare line Gemology, Chrystelle was able to align her two passions to create the first ever French cosmetic brand containing precious trace minerals.

Our skin requires a daily dose of trace elements such as iron, magnesium, zinc, or chrome, and it has been scientifically proven that these pure and powerful activators provide extraordinary benefits to our skin. With the goal of remaining as close as possible to the nature of skin, all Gemology products are guaranteed paraben-free, without propylene glycol or alcohol and not tested on animals.

Drawing on the skin-enhancing characteristics of natural minerals, Gemology beauty care offers carefully chosen, high-quality activators.

Containing eighteen precious and semi-precious minerals, Gemology features a full product line, revealing the amazing ability of minerals to moisturize, balance, calm, revitalize and add radiance to face and body skin.